Finnerti | Asset Management and Consultancy
london, finance, development, property, real estate
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Our strategic asset management services enable individuals and organisations to manage their assets and systems in a sustainable way to optimise their performance, minimise risk and expenditure over the lifecycle of assets. Our tailored approach to designing and implementing asset management will enable you to transform investments and maximise the return on your investment.


We help you manage your assets in a way that improves reliability, increases customer focus and makes your operations cleaner. By balancing cost, performance and risk, we help you maximise the value you get from physical assets, people, data and intellectual property.



Our team of asset management experts can help you think about asset management in a new way. Drawing on industry knowledge, we help align asset management policies, strategies, procedures and activities to business objectives while also ensuring adherence to regulatory obligations.


Our expertise covers:

  • Guidance: helping you map the journey from where you are currently towards efficient and effective asset management, covering changes to people, organisation, process and technology, and building the business case for change
  • Aptitude: Assessing clients’ competency in managing assets, asset management principles, implementing an asset management system or identifying improvement opportunities
  • Risk Assessment: creating risk profiles for assets and asset classes to incorporate into your decisions on asset acquisition, maintenance or disposal.
  • Managing Costs: developing models to help you make better decisions on capital, operations and management expenditure, incorporating cost, risk, performance and value
  • Performance: Putting in place the right indicators to help strengthen the way performance and cost are managed, mitigating risk, to improve the effectiveness of the asset management.
  • Technology: developing data-intensive, fact-based decision model to enable your capability to use data to evaluate risk, understand reliability and performance.