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Mezzanine finance provides a second layer of debt funding to fill the gap between the level of senior debt (which would typically be provided by a bank or fund) and the developer’s own equity investment into a property development transaction. It is typically secured via a second charge. We solely provide loans to companies for business purposes only, not to individuals.


  • We asset manage for a number of HNWI’s keen to invest in mezzanine loans.
  • We provide up to 75% of GDV (with no cap on costs) as second charge mezzanine property development funding from 14% pa (80% of costs) and 17% (90% of costs) with ins and outs set at a level so as to ensure we are the cheapest for that project in the market.
  • We are very flexible regarding the size of the loans; we are able to provide mezzanine debt facilities ranging from 50k up to 10m.
  • Loans are non-compounding (simple interest), which makes a huge difference in cost.
  • We do not believe that there is anyone else in the market with the expertise and knowledge to arrange and execute more quickly . For further information please feel free to contact us.


The latest in Mezzanine Financing

Due to the reduction in senior lending in recent years, utilising mezzanine finance has become very popular and is routinely used in conjunction with senior debt. This type of finance is secured by way of a second charge and means a developer can minimise his contribution to just 5-10% of project costs. This will also significantly increase returns on equity invested by developers.


Typical Criteria

  • Full planning permission granted
  • Project term of 3-36 months
  • Second charge over the project
  • GDVs of 500k+
  • Mezzanine finance requirements of 50k+
  • Projects throughout England
  • Strong track record


Example Funding Package for £10 million GDV Development

 Margin £2.0 million
Equity £0.8 million
Mezzanine Finance £2.0 million
Senior Debt £5.2 million


  • This package demonstrates a project with an £8million build cost and £10million GDV.
  • Senior debt provides for £5.2million – 65% of build cost and 48% of GDV
  • Mezzanine funding provides for £2million – a further 25% of build cost.
  • 85% of build cost is funded by a combination of senior debt and mezzanine funding, leaving only £0.8million – 10% of the build cost – to be funded by equity from the developer.
  • The Margin (profit) is projected at £2million – 20% of GDV.



FINNERTI is backed and funded by a range of High Net Worth Investors and funds, whilst also utilising our constantly evolving global portfolio of lenders including hedge funds, private banks, private equity funds and family offices throughout the market across the residential, student and hotel sectors.


Do we invest ourselves? Yes.

Do we do joint ventures? Yes.

Do we structure using external sources above? Yes.


We do this to ensure clients get the best overall funding solution, every time.


Revolutionary Property Finance

  • A broad range of products, flexibility, gearing and quantum under one roof.
  • Numerous options between 65% and 90% loan to cost on one charge with mezzanine/bridging and equity to complement.
  • Genuine 90% of costs excluding interest rolled up.
  • Non-compounding interest on mezzanine; typically saves around 2-3%.
  • Market leading rates
  • Flexibility and speed
  • Unrivalled analysis and modelling



Our origination team fully appraise projects and produce a Funding Analysis Pack for every client. This Pack provides detailed modelling, cash flow analysis, the resulting impact upon equity returns, profits and includes sensitivity analysis. This importantly provides external investors with a highly technical third party independent review on the project and finance structuring.


Technical Analysis

The ‘visible’ lending market is actually a relatively small proportion of the entire investment market. Developers typically talk to a handful of funds which they know. Behind the scenes we are far more technical in our approach and have far greater reach.


Many developers have become used to funders offering ‘in fees’, ‘out fees’, ‘anniversary fees’, ‘asset management fees’, ‘rates’, ‘simple/compounding interest’ etc thus often end up choosing the – seemingly – ‘easiest’ option.


By extensively analysing the potential funding structures of a project and the implications of every single cost in a loan contract, we typically create savings for our clients of between £100,000 and £1m on projects.


These are significant amounts, yet people routinely go for the ‘easier’ option. Our role is to ensure that the process is as easy with us as it is as cost-effective.


In essence:

  • If we are the most suitable funder for the required funding package then we can lend.
  • If equity is required then we can invest.
  • If a hedge fund in London is best for a senior debt loan, we use them.
  • If a High Net Worth investor in Dubai is best for a mezz loan, we use them.
  • If a family office in Geneva is best for a bridging loan, we use them.
  • It is all about what is right for you – the client.
  • We show you every option; we aim to be long term partners of experienced developers throughout the UK and this would not work if we didn’t!


Who Should Use FINNERTI 

We welcome direct enquiries from developers. Brokers, introducers and IFAs should draw comfort from the fact we have completed over £200 million worth of funding and will ensure their clients get the cheapest possible rates on every project.

We pay repeat fees to introducers which means that as long as we keep delivering, they continue to receive fees.



  • We are very flexible in our approach
  • We don’t have fixed prices or gearing levels against loan to cost/loan to GDV.
  • Everything is bespoke.


If you are a property investor or developer, or have a client that is, you are in the right place.



Equity financing typically refers to the provision of capital through the sale of shares in a development project.


We have signed joint ventures with a number of developers ourselves as principals but that is largely where we are starting from scratch and seeding a new vision alongside our partners, in effect.


With equity requirements for specific projects of over £500,000 the equity itself comes from a discreet set of High Net Worth individuals, Family Offices and Private Equity Institutions to provide bespoke joint venture and equity finance for property developers and investors through the UK and parts of Europe.


Flexible Approach

We are flexible with our approach and can offer assistance to those with single or multi-unit projects. We will look at equity investments from £100,000 to £25,000,000.


Investment Opportunities

FINNERTI identifies investment opportunities through meticulous analysis and detailed evaluation of the underlying asset to provide risk-adjusted returns for our investors.





FINNERTI is largely funded by high net worth private individuals.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss potential investments.