Finnerti | Portfolio Management
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Our organisation offers all clients a fully tailored and comprehensive management service across a wide range of differing portfolios. We understand that managing a portfolio can be fun at first but as it grows and external socio-economic factors evolve, so do the challenges and complications of managing a portfolio. We help our clients securely navigate around this daunting experience by deploying our experienced management professionals providing a hands-free experience and focusing on forming a strategy which will address such challenges well in advance. We combine our experience with the use of state of the art technology to effectively manage your portfolio. We cater for all types of portfolio sizes and properties.



We currently manage a portfolio with a capital worth in excess of £250 million. We also manage portfolios on behalf of our corporate clients and whether your property portfolio is small or fast growing, we can design a package to suit you and your properties perfectly.



We are constantly updating our management service to meet the needs of clients to ensure you are extremely satisfied from every angle. We have learnt that most professional and corporate tenants prefer to have the property managed by a professional organisation.



For your peace of mind, and as a contingency, we have enlisted a fully qualified 24 hour call out maintenance team dedicated to emergencies, who are also on standby ready to resolve any issues, swiftly and hassle free. Our well suited packages offer exceptional value for money, and allow the client to spread the cost and make payments more manageable in an ever changing economic climate.